Welcome to the website https://vitamind.care/ (the “Site”). At VitaMind, given that we do not bake good golden paleo cookies, we use other cookies on our Site! And like those who share their recipes with their friends, we have developed this Cookie Management Policy (the “Policy”) for our users to inform you about their use and how you can decline them.

What are cookies?

In computer jargon, cookies are small files that are placed or read on your device (computer, smartphone, digital tablet, etc.) when you visit a website or install a mobile application on your smartphone, for example.

When are cookies installed?

The recording of cookies in your device and their use are subject to your consent, which is formalized as follows:

  • When you first visit our Site, a preview information banner appears on the page you are visiting to inform you:

– the installation of cookies on your device;

– the reasons why cookies are used;

– that when you continue to browse our Site or application, it means that you accept the placement of cookies on your device by us or by third parties.

Cookies have a limited lifetime of 13 months. After this period, they will be automatically deactivated and your consent will be requested again!

What cookies are used on the Site?

As in cooking, there are different kinds of cookies used on the web:

  • Functional technical cookies:

these cookies are necessary for the proper functioning and use of the Site. They are used to provide you with an optimal browsing experience, by facilitating the smooth display of your web pages, by saving your login details and shopping cart, or by allowing you, in particular, to benefit from various services, such as our chat service, or to view video content.

  • Performance cookies:

These cookies enable us to compile statistics on the use and usage of our Site, for example by determining the number of visits and which pages are the most or least visited, by evaluating user navigation on the Site and by identifying any technical problems. They thus contribute to the constant improvement of our Sites.

  • Sharing cookies:

These cookies are used to allow you to share the pages of the Site that you like with your friends, via different social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

  • Targeting cookies:

These cookies allow us to track your Internet browsing, including the operating system you are using, the pages you have visited, etc. This information is then used to establish non-identifying behavioural segments, on the basis of which various advertisements and commercial offers tailored to your supposed interests will be proposed to you.

Some of the cookies listed above, although used on or from the Site, may be set up but also used by third party companies for their own purposes (third party cookies). The third-party cookies we are aware of are those used by Instagram, Facebook, and Google +, as well as by YouTube. These cookies are, therefore, subject to the privacy policies of these third party companies, to which we refer you (see below) if you wish to obtain further information on the use of their cookies.

Google Analytics cookies

This website uses Google Analytics cookies, which help us to identify the content that interests you most and to identify certain malfunctions. Your browser data on this site is sent to Google Inc.

How do you manage the registration of cookies on your device?

You can enjoy cookies by visiting our Site or visiting one of our stores, at your convenience; and you can also accept or decline the installation of cookies on your device!

However, we draw your attention to the consequences that could result from the blocking of certain cookies, including the impact on your browsing experience on the Site. Thus, if you block technical functional cookies, you may no longer have access to certain parts of the Site or certain services; similarly, if you refuse targeting cookies, you may only receive non-personalized ads.

On the Site, we wish to make your freedom to accept or reject the installation fully effective, and therefore provide you with a cookie management tool, so that you can accept or reject them individually. In addition, we would also like to inform you that the settings of your browser also allow you to accept or reject cookies. If most browsers allow cookies by default, they can easily be set to allow you to refuse them:

For more information on the use of Cookies, we invite you to contact us or to consult the website of the National Commission on Information Technology and Liberties( CNIL) at the following address : https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser.